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Introducing our bestseller

  • Fantastic food and the staff's service was impeccable! They really know their wines and gave expert recommendations. Definitely will come back for more.

    Olga Krasova, Poland

  • The staff really know their wines. Absolutely in love with the creamless Carbonara. Paired my dish with a glass of quality wine, bought 3 bottles back for my friends!

    Lia Tan, Singapore

  • Their dishes are really good with my favourite being the Smoky Marrow with the Sourdough bread. Enjoyed it with red wine, awesome stuff.

    Pascal Palomo, Canada

  • Fantastic food and wine selection, a very cosy ambience with an elegant flair, 10/10 service! Highly recommended for anyone looking for great food, wine, and a great time.

    Theodoric Chew, Singapore

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